A great way to spread awareness regarding TZM and it’s message is through the use of designs, quotes and branding on paraphernalia such as clothing (t-shirts, caps etc), bumper stickers, stamps etc. One thing I’ve noticed is that there is not a great deal of TZM paraphernalia out there. I have found a couple garment websites that have TZM branded clothing within their collection but these are expensive and defeat the point behind the movement (non-profit). To this end I would like to (eventually) create a site that would effectively be a TZM brand related platform. It would be completely profit free, and would allow the public to view various Zeitgeist artworks superimposed onto various items such as jackets and bumper stickers. They could then decide what they like and get it printed (at their own expense and time, initially). It would also make sense that it would eventually tie into The Zeitgeist Media Project.

For now though I have started with three t-shirt designs. The first one is a design I came across on Deviant Art by the talented artist Manu Järvinen, the second is the classic TZM logo, and the third is something plain I put together. For now, please feel free to take these designs and print your own TZM t-shirts.

I would also love to see shirts that have statements that make you think and question the current system (not strictly TZM branded either). There are such great quotes out there, I say put them on a shirt and expose people you walk past to the quick questions (and answers) that perhaps they wouldn’t otherwise think of. They could be great conversation starters, and hey it’s all about planting the seeds and this would be a great way to do it.

Download the Photoshop file here for access to the full quality graphics of all shirts. Each graphic is a layer. You can also click on each of the images below to download a high resolution image of the shirt.

If you have any designs or ideas for paraphernalia send them on to dtv@tzmsa.co.za and we’ll put them up.

T-Shirt 1 | Black Full Colour | Artist: Manu Järvinen

T-Shirt 2 | Black Full Colour | Classic TZM

T-Shirt 3 | Black Single Colour

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