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Welcome to the South African Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement and thanks for stopping by.

I trust by now you have watched the Zeitgeist material and read some of the literature that is available.

It is vital that people start to understand how damaging the monetary system has been and continues to be for our society and if we don’t start to make changes it will only get worse.

This movement is in the hands of the people. If the world is to change and progress to a resource based economy, then it will be up to the citizens of planet earth to make the change. Ignorance is our biggest obstacle and overcoming that in the context of this movement is going to take education. Firstly to educate ourselves and then those around us.

So, the purpose of this chapter is to get this information into as many South African hands and minds and hearts as possible.

If there is a chapter close to you then join it. If there isn’t one close to you then consider starting one in your City or town. We will help you and guide you with the setting up of the chapter especially in the area of setting realistic goals and expectations for the chapter.
At this stage, April 2014, we are re-establishing our national chapter that is South Africa and then we will be working on a plan of action to setup regional chapters and then City chapters. We need volunteers for the following: help respond to email queries, help organize events such as Z-day and the Zeitgeist Media Festival. While we are doing this we will also be concentrating on our education as well as those around us. I recommend that you go through all the TZM material as well as anything else that you can get your hands on. Also check out TZM common objections by Ben Mcleish
We need however to be realistic – the magnitude of change that is required is not going to happen quickly and it is imperative that this movement stays the course.

And honestly I can only think of two ways that this can be achieved:

Committed action and
Staying focused

In my opinion all the action we need to be taking now is to tell as many people as we can in our immediate environments about the movement and allow them to consider the facts and make up their own mind.

It’s fairly simple. The monetary system is not working, has never worked and we need to find an alternative and we have to do it together.

I hope you’ll play your part in getting this education movement underway in South Africa.

The best way to do this is head over to the forum, find someone who is working in your area and join them or start a local ‘chapter’ in your area and rally a team around you to educate people in your neighbourhood. Ultimately though the best place to start is just to start talking about the possibilities. Instead of sitting around a braai or Sunday afternoon lunch moaning about how bad things are, why not start a conversation about whether, as a nation, we can find an alternative to the way we currently live?

Whatever you decide though, thanks again for taking the time to read this.

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