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The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement. It does not recognize nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class. Our understandings conclude that these are false, outdated distinctions which are far from positive factors for true collective human growth and potential. Their basis is in power division and stratification, not unity and equality, which is our goal.

While it is important to understand that everything in life is a natural progression, we must also acknowledge the reality that the human species has the ability to drastically slow and paralyze progress, through social structures which are out of date, dogmatic, and hence out of line with nature itself. The world you see today, full of war, corruption, elitism, pollution, poverty, epidemic disease, human rights abuses, inequality and crime is the result of this paralysis.

This movement is about awareness, in avocation of a fluid evolutionary progress, both personal, social, technological and spiritual. It recognizes that the human species is on a natural path for unification, derived from a communal acknowledgment of fundamental and near empirical understandings of how nature works and how we as humans fit into/are a part of this universal unfolding we call life. While this path does exist, it is unfortunately hindered and not recognized by the great majority of humans, who continue to perpetuate outdated and hence degenerative modes of conduct and association. It is this intellectual irrelevancy which the Zeitgeist Movement hopes to overcome through education and social action.

The goal is to revise our world society in accord with present day knowledge on all levels, not only creating awareness of social and technological possibilities many have been conditioned to think impossible or against “human nature”, but also to provide a means to overcome those elements in society which perpetuate these outdated systems.

An important association, upon which many of the ideas of this movement are derived come from an organization called ” The Venus Project” directed by social engineer and industrial designer, Jacque Fresco. He has worked nearly his entire life to create the tools needed to assist a design of the world which could eventually eradicate war, poverty, crime, social stratification and corruption. His notions are not radical or complex. They do not impose a subjective interpretation in their formation. In this model, society is created as a mirror of nature, with the variables predefined, inherently.

The movement itself is not a centralized construct.

We are not here to lead, but to organize and educate.

The Zeitgeist Movement Defined

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The Zeitgeist Movement Defined

Culture in Decline

“Culture in Decline” is a 30 min., Bi-Monthly Web-Series created and hosted by Peter Joseph. As with all of Peter Joseph’s video work, it is part of a Free Distribution Media Project that allows open, non-profit distribution of his film media across the world. The Series’ central viewing medium is YouTube, via the “Culture in Decline” Official Channel. The first episode of the first season called “What Democracy?”premiered on July 29th 2012, going viral with over 70,000 views in the first 10 days.

“Culture in Decline” is a satirical yet serious expression that challenges various cultural phenomena existing today which most of society seems to take for granted. Nothing is considered sacred in this Series except for a detached benchmark of fundamental logic and reason – forcing the viewer to step out of the box of “Normality” and to consider our societal practices without traditional baggage and biases. Common themes include Politics, Economics, Education, Security, Religion, Vanity, Governance, Media, Labor, Technology and other issues centric to our daily lives.

Episode #1: What Democracy?


Episode #2: Economics 101


Peter Joseph Lecture Series

Lecture #1: The Zeitgeist Movement MP3 download (10 MB)
Lecture #2: A Resource Based Economy MP3 download (10 MB)
Lecture #3: A Profile of Collapse MP3 download (10 MB)
Lecture #4: The Transition MP3 download (14 MB)

“DEFINING PEACE”, by Peter Joseph, “ZFest” | Feb. 6th 2012

Peter Joseph’s 1.5 hour Lecture “Defining Peace”; the end segment of the Tel Aviv, Israel / Mid-East TZM Event which occurred on Feb 6th 2012. Amazing Work by TZM Israel; an historical event. Parts 1 & 2 below:

Peter Joseph Introduces a Resource Based Economy at TedX


This is the 18 min video backup for the live March 21st, TEDx [Portugal] Talk by Peter Joseph called: “An Introduction to a Resource-Based Economy “.
The actual live webcast should be found here.

Awakening Preview
MP4 download (100 MB)

Awaken to the world around us, the problems we face, why they exist, and how to truly solve them once and for all. Please rip, share, push and promote this video. Make this viral, and educate the world!

Social Pathology | The Zeitgeist Movement | NYC 2010 ZDAY


Social Pathology | The Zeitgeist Movement | NYC 2010 ZDAY
-Lecture by Peter Joseph
*Some audio had to be replaced due to static problems.

“Where are we going?”

Part One of the Peter Joseph Lecture Series.


Peter Joseph: “Where are we going?” Nov. 15th ’09 | 1/2
from peter josephMP4 download (160 MB)


Peter Joseph: “Where are we going?” Nov. 15th ’09 | 2/2
from peter josephMP4 download (246 MB)

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